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Company Profile


Founded in 1998, Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals is a high-tech biopharmaceutical company specialized in research, development, production and commercialization of insulin and its analogues, leading in the diabetes market in China.

 Since its inauguration, Gan & Lee has been focusing on insulin production. In 1998, Gan & Lee successfully developed the first domestic biosynthetic human insulin, which was evaluated as China’s top 10 scientific and technological breakthroughs by Chinese Academy of Sciences and Engineering. Hitherto Gan & Lee has launched multiple biosimilar insulin analogue products, including the super long-acting insulin glargine Basalin®, the super quick-acting insulin lispro Prandilin®, and the pre-mixed insulin analogue Prandilin 25®, all of which have received high reputation from nationwide clinicians and patients, with outstanding efficacy and safety guarantees.

       During the R&D, process optimization and industrialization processes of insulin drugs, Gan & Lee has accumulated a series of patented as well as non-patented technology regarding insulin fermentation, refolding, purification and formulation steps. Among these, the patented technology “Chimeric protein which contains intramolecular chaperon sequence and its application in insulin production”, invented by Gan &Lee’s founder Dr. Gan, Zhongru, has contributed to the production process optimization, which increases the insulin yield and greatly minimizes the costs. In addition, Gan & Lee is actively exploring novel drugs and first generic drugs in the extended disease areas. Motivated by company’s slogan “quality first, innovation forever”, Gan & Lee’s R&D team has more than 10 antidiabetic programs ongoing in the pipelines, with the plan to develop novel drugs of completely independent intellectual property rights in the next five to ten years.

Relying on the technical and cost advantages, Gan & Lee has also expanded rapidly into the global market. Currently with 20 countries in contract to carry out drug registration and exportation, Gan & Lee is about to launch the US Phase III clinical trial for insulin glargine Basalin® in 2017, endeavoring to benefit more worldwide patients with our high quality and affordable antidiabetic products and services.

Gan & Lee’s research achievements have successively won many awards including

“National New High-tech Technology Enterprise”, “Top 50 High Technology High Growth Enterprise 2012 by Deloitte”, “Top 500 Asian Enterprise” (selected by Deloitte), “Top 12 Prosperous Privately Owned Company” (Selected by Forbes in 2012), “Beijing High Technology Transformation Project”, “Beijing Independent and Innovative Product”, “Renowned Brand in Beijing”, ”A Thousand Enterprise in ZhongGuanCun”, “Large Scale Enterprise of G20 Project of Beijing Biopharmaceutical Industry”, “Product With Major Contribution in Beijing G20 Project”, “Outstanding Enterprise in Beijing G20 Project”.