Why choose Gan & Lee-Gan & Lee Pharmaceutical

Why choose Gan & Lee

People-oriented culture

We always believe that people are the most valuable resource for us. Our success is dependent on building a talented team, and that's why we are continuously seeking top talents. We work in teams and everyone is valued and treated with great respect. Gan & Lee is an equal-opportunity employer.

Long-term career development

We put a lot of emphasis on employees' individual career development because we believe this is one of the most important ways to build a top notch company. We invest a lot of time and resources in training and coaching employees at each level to grow their careers. We are committed to creating career advancement opportunities and helping employees define appropriate career paths.

Work with excellent teams

At Gan & Lee, you'll find talented team members with diverse backgrounds. There are top experts in insulin research and development on the R&D team that developed our own insulin products and won regulatory approval from many countries and regions. Our international and domestic marketing teams have business experiences in the pharmaceutical and other industries. They bring in advanced concepts and outstanding management skills. Working with such an experienced and energetic team, you are in a good position to make important contributions to the company and in the meantime, broaden the scope of your knowledge and grow your career.